more about silent groover

How does it work?

Silent Disco has become the common name for a party where guests dance to music transmitted to wireless headphones rather than a speaker, music is broadcast via an FM transmitter with the signal being picked up by the wireless headphone receiver worn by the guests, to an observer it will appear that the participants are dancing for no apparent reason.

Equipment: Headphones and Transmitter

Our headphones are TRIPLE CHANNEL and are of the best quality available on the market, you will recognize them by our logo, not to mention the studio quality.

Each DeeJay can have their own transmitter allowing the participants to choose their own favourite frequency. (an experience on it's own )  blue channel   green channel  red channel

Just adjust the channel switch on the side of the wireless headphone to listen the DJ you enjoy the most and you can change the channel any time you wish ....... take your headphones off and you can talk to friends whilst watching the other gig goers keeping their groove.


You provide the music we supply the headphones and transmitter, you can provide your own deejays or simply put a playlist on your laptop, cd player and connect via usb plug to the transmitter provided (so easy to set up) just put the wireless headphones and away you groove.

Where can I hold a silent disco with silent groover.

At home! You will not disturb your neighbours for a change. ;O)

Unconventional locations like a street party in the front of a police station etc...

Your guests can dance to music they provide via an iPHONE or MP3

Observe the people passing by they will be amazed to see dancers moving to their favourite groove without a sound.

In clubs

Our wireless headphones with 3 channels enable three DeeJays to go head to head with their playlists, allowing gig goers to choose which set they wish to dance to.

Forest gig

The concept as been used by eco-activist who utilized our headphones at outdoor parties to minimize noise pollution and respect to the wildlife.


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