The silent disco phenomena - a party where everyone grooves to music transmitted via wireless headphones rather than speakers - has been spreading around the world over the last couple of years and now it's arrived in the Rainbow Region. 

Our 'Studio Quality' headphones have 3 separate input channels, each color coded channel has it's own transmitter allowing the participant to choose their own favorite frequency, the blue channel, the green channel or the red channel.

Adjust the channel switch on the side of the headphones to listen the channel that you enjoy the best, natch you can change the channel any time you wish, or turn them off so you can talk to friends while watching the dancers keep the groove.

You can host a silent disco indoors or out doors, pretty much anywhere you want, for any size party or function, the only limitation is your imagination..................

Dry Hire

We supply the headphones and transmitter.

You become the DJ, and then you can play your music.

You will need a laptop, cd player, or usb to plug into the transmitter provided. (easy to set up )

A fee (depending on numbers) for each headphone plus 15 dollars for each transmitter, per day.

Package Hire

We can provide the lights, the grooves and everything you need except the guests ! 

CLICK HERE to see the GrooverDome


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CLICK HERE to see the GrooverDome

CLICK HERE to see the GrooverDome

 Watch the youtube below to see a silent disco in the U.K.


CLICK HERE to see the GrooverDome

The Groover Moover.


Head Phones for Hire.